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Ahmed Bakry

Ahmed Bakry is an architect and urban planner. He got his BSc from Ain Shams University, urban planning and design department (UPD) July 2012 and joined the integrated urbanism and sustainable deign master’s program (IUSD), which is a double master’s degree between Ain Shams University and Stuttgart University. During this time he started his work on integrating local ethnic groups in the process of regional planning and bridging the gap between government, planners (practitioners), academia and society.

Between 2016 and 2019 he worked as lecturer assistant at UPD, and as researcher at IUSD Cairo in various research projects, all related to regional planning and regional governance.

Bakry started to work on his PhD at the Institute of Geography in April 2019. His research is funded by the Higher ministry of education in Cairo and the DAAD respectively. In his PhD he is trying to tackle the regional developmental inequalities in the global south for the border regions. His work is based on theories of regional planning, peripheral regions, and cross border communities. By comparing the South Egyptian border region with EU border areas he aims do develop an analytical framework that enables a better understanding of planning processes in cross border regions.

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