Pengfei Feng

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Pengfei Feng joined the Department for Regional Governance as a visiting PhD student in December 2019. During his one-year visit, his research interests focus on the economic activities and demographic structures in the Pear River Delta (PRD), a megacity region in China. His work is based on theories or conceptions of economic geography and population geography, and is supervised by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Anna Growe.


During his visit, Pengfei Feng works on research papers, dealing with the economic and demographic transformation in the PRD since 2000. In this work, he analysed the spatial patterns of rising knowledge intensive services and manufacturing activities among the cores of the megacity-region, its subcentres and its hinterland. He also investigates changing spatial patterns of the population’s age structure between core cities and hinterland in the PRD. His research is funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the International Education Program for Post-graduates, Capital Normal University.

Upcoming conference presentations
  • Feng, P.; Growe, A.; Shen, Y. (2021): From “the workshop of the world” to spaces of the knowledge economy: Changing functional patterns of manufacturing and knowledge-intensive business services activities in the Pearl River Delta”. Accepted as presentation at the AAG Annual Meeting in 2021.