Welche Berufsfelder gibt es?
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After Graduation


Exams are done and the thesis written. So, what’s next? This site is intended to provide some information on starting the job hunt. Especially Alumni-Programme and the PIG offer support to our graduates who are entering this new phase of their lives.

Where can I find jobs on the internet?

The internet provides a vast array of sources to help you find jobs in the field of Geography. To make browsing through the sources easier, we have compiled a short list of the most useful webpages. You will find more job exchanges on PIG’s website.

Job exchange of DGG (German Society for Geography
This job exchange comprises job offers at German universities.

This site offers a large database of jobs in the fields of Geography and Geology.

Technical University of Munich
The University of Munich’s Institute for Geodesy, GIS and land management offers an overview of jobs in the field of GIS as well as a job exchange.

The job openings on this site have a clear connection to the environment or environmentally-friendly companies/organisations. All of these jobs are in German-speaking countries.

ZEIT Job Offers
The weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT has a large job exchange on its website. Most of these jobs are in the fields of teaching and research.

How do I apply for a job?

You will find several helpful books on job applications and interviews in the library.

The following is a short list of websites on the topic (unfortunately, most of these sources are only available in German:

When will the graduation ceremony take place?

All graduates of our institute that finish their studies by a certain date will receive an invitation to our graduation ceremony. The ceremony is held once a year. The current date will be announced via e-mail and on our alumni page bekannt gegeben.

Is there an alumni programme?

Our institute’s alumni programme provides contact opportunities, internship placements, and much more to all our geography graduates. Once graduates register in our database, they will receive the alumni-newsletter. You will find more information on our alumni page.

Are there any job openings here at the Geographical Institute?

The University of Heidelberg’s Geographical Institute publishes its job openings for reaching and research here.

We wish all of our graduates a good start in their professional lives.

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