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On this site, you will find all relevant information on how to apply for the Bachelor “Geography” at the University of Heidelberg. If you are interested in our Master’s programme, please go to the Master site.

How do I apply?

For winter semester 2019/2020 the study programmes Bachelor of Science 100%, 50% and 25% have open admission. For German citizens is the enrolment in Geography possible without previous application (like in many other study programmes at the Heidelberg University). New students in the Geography programme will only be admitted for the winter semester. Please read carefully the following information provided by the student secretariat.

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International students are subject to special rules. Please contact the international students’ registry for further information.

Selection interview

For winter semester 2019/2020 the study programmes Bachelor of Science 100%, 50% and 25% have open admission. There aren´t any selection interviews in 2019.

In case the study programmes Bachelor of Science in Geography have restricted admission, a selection interview is an integral part of the application process for prospective students. All applicants must take part in these interviews.

Aim: The selection interview is intended to determine prospective students’ motivation and suitability for Geography studies and the desired profession. Specifically this means that in addition to the final grade of secondary school, previous academic performance in the fields of languages, maths and sciences will be examined. Internships and extracurricular activities, as well as previous vocational training will be part of the selection process. The weighting will be 1:3 (Average grade of the above mentioned subjects : selection interview).

Procedure: The interview is done in groups of five applicants in the presence of two examiners. It is held at the Institute of Geography and takes about 30 minutes. No specialist knowledge of Geography is tested. This interview is solely about applicants’ motivation and interested in the subject. The approach and explanation of answers and arguments will be taken into consideration as well.

Dates: The selection interviews are held during the first week of August. Interviews past this date are not possible as we are keen to ensure prompt results of the selection process. This is in the interest of all applicants. In individually justified cases (such as hospital stays, professional commitments etc.), it is possible to schedule an interview before the official date. In this case, please contactDr. Klaus Sachs as soon as possible.

Pre-screening based on the graduation grade: We invite about twice as many applicants to the selection interview than places available. The invited students are chosen based on their graduation grade.

Invitation to the selection interview via e-mail: The invitations including the final date will be sent via e-mail approximately one week prior to the interview. Please make sure to save the first week of August for your interview.

Additional information regarding the selection process can be found here:/p>

Immatriculation with letter of admission

Admitted students who have been admitted for study must enrol in person at the central student office (Seminarstraße 2, Heidelberg) by the deadline specified in the letter of admission. All certificates required for admission (school certificates and university documents) must be submitted in the original at that time.

Additional documents needed for immatriculation can be found here

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