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Geographie in Heidelberg

The following pages provide interesting information on studying Geography at the University of Heidelberg.

What is Geography?
Was ist Geographie?

Geography studies the features of the earth’s surface including its physical properties, its inhabitants and the relationships between the two. Generally speaking, it explores the world we live in. Geography is thus a very broad field of study which connects social and natural sciences. [weiter]

Following Geography can be defined in terms of two branches: human geography and physical geography. Physical geography deals with the patterns and processes in the natural environment of the Earth. Social scientifically oriented Human geography deals with the study of the structure and dynamics of cultures, societies, economies, and interactions with the environment by studying their relations with and across space and place.

Ausführliche Erklärung auf Geographie.de

Field trip

Field trips are an essential part of Geography studies. Each semester, our Institute offers several short and long excursions. While short excursions (usually less than a week) are an integral aspect of our bachelor programs, long field trips (two to four weeks) are obligatory to our Master students. You will find more information on past field trips here.

Fields of activity

Geographers’ fields of activity are extremely diverse. The following links will allow an insight into some professions and activities:

Why Heidelberg?
Warum Heidelberg?

A unique characteristic of our curriculum is the equal focus on human and physical geography. In addition to these contents, we put a strong emphasis on teaching geography-specific computer skills and methods.

Studying in Heidelberg

The Studentenwerk der Uni Heidelberg The student union provides all relevant information regarding student life in Heidelberg: Living in Heidelberg, financial aid, job fairs, recreational activities, and much more.

In addition to several university resources to make your studies in Heidelberg varied and trouble-free, the following links may help you to find further interesting activities:

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