Kommende Große Exkursionen
Slowakei 2014
Himalaya 2014
Letzte Große Exkursionen
2014: Polen
2013: Slowenien
2013: China
2013: Island
2013: Hainan/Südchina

Exkursionen im Studium

Große Exkursionen seit 2000

2010: Marokko
2010: Kenia (SAI)
2009: Kapverden
2008: Sambia
2006: La Reunion

2002: USA/Kanada
2000: USA


Excursions are an essential part of Geography studies. Each semester, our Institute offers several short and long excursions. While short excursions (usually less than a week) are an integral aspect of all degree programs, long excursions (two to four weeks) are obligatory part only to our Master students. Although students of all degree programs can apply for free places.

Wie bewirbt
man sich für Exkursionen?

Excursions will either be announced in the course catalogue LSF ), via e-mail (sign for the mailing list) or through a poster on our notice boards. Most excursions require students to register via LSF. For long excursions, however, a personal application by e-mail is usually demanded.

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