Student participation

Studentische Mitbestimmung

There are several opportunities for students to actively shape and take part in the administration and decision making process at Heidelberg University. The following provides a short overview of the different levels of participation; from the Institute of Geography, to our Department all the way to higher education policy at Heidelberg University.

At the Institute of Geography

Student Body Geography (Fachschaft)
The student body at the Institute of Geography represents and mediates all matters and interests expressed by students of our institute. The Fachschaft is an open student body – everyone is welcome to join. The Fachschaft carries out a number of different tasks such as comprehensive committee work on all levels of university life, the organization of the first semester weekend, the Institute’s barbecue parties, as well as the legendary “Atlasfete”. The commented course catalogue was also published by the Fachschaft each semester until summer semester 2014. Students are always welcome to approach the Fachschaft with questions, ideas or problems regarding their studies, teachers or the Institute in general. [All informations]

Studienkommission (StuKo)
The Academic Commission operates on the level of our Institute and is directly subordinated to the Faculty Council. Its four student members as well as their representatives are elected once a year by the Faculty Council. The Commission’s main task is the organization of lectureships as well as the modification and decision on new courses of studies which will then be discussed by the Faculty Council.[All Informations.]

Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Grand Faculty Counci l (Großer Fakultätsrat) (Fakrat, GFR)
The Grand Faculty Council of the Fakultät für Chemie und Geowissen­schaften Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences comprises more than 30 teachers and a total of 6 students from the institutes of Chemistry, Geography and Earth Sciences. The student representatives are named by the Fachschaft and later elected by the students of our Institute. The Faculty Council’s tasks include the establishment and closing of degree programs, the appointment of professors, and the as well as the compilation of each semester’s course offer.

University-wide Policies

Conference of Student Representatives (Fachschaftskonferenz, FSK)
The Conference of Student Representatives includes the student bodies of each department at the University of Heidelberg. It defends students’ interests regarding higher education policy decisions (e.g. in the Senate) and acts independent of party-political interests. Only the representatives are entitled to vote in the FSK but everyone is welcome to participate. [All Informations]

In addition to the Rectorate and University Council, the Senate is one of the three key bodies of University of Heidelberg. It consists of 39 members from the rectorate, deans, university employees and four student representatives. The members are elected once a year by all students of our university. The Senate decides on issues regarding research, artistic practice, teaching, studies and continuing education. [All Informations]

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