Internship Initiative at the Institute of Geography (PIG)

PIG offers comprehensive consulting regarding professional opportunities and assists students in finding an internship placement.

Who has to do an internship?


Bachelor: at least one four-week-long internship (for bachelor geography 50%) or one eight-week-long internship (for bachelor geography 100%)
Module Manual Bachelor
Examination Regulations Bachelor

Where can you apply?

PIG's internship placement exchange is frequently updated and provides an extensive selection of websites offering placements.

How can you apply?

You will find numerous books on the application process and requirements in our libraries. Additionally, PIG has compiled a selection of websites on this topic. Bachelor students (as well as all other interested students) are taught the basics of preparing written application documents in the module Geography in internships and professions. .

How do you get abroad?

Language proficiency and intercultural competencies can be advanced by studying abroad or doing an internship in a foreign country. PIG also assembled several links to help you find internships abroad.

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