Orientation Days

Orientation days and introductory tutorial

Introduction to University life and academic studies


Students who just started their Geography studies


The week before classes officially start, the Institute of Geography offers orientation days for its new students. Freshmen are given the chance to meet one another, participate in a tour of the library, do a scavenger hunt on the campus, and learn general information about University life and study organisation.
Additionally, students are introduced to academic writing and the handling of secondary literature. The writing of protocols and term papers will also be discussed in the first sessions of the tutorial.
Our tutors help new students to adjust to university life and are first contact points for any questions they might have.

Main points:
  • The Institute of Geography Heidelberg
  • Study organization
  • Libraries/finding literature
  • Bibliography/Quatation
  • Excursions/protocols
  • Term papers

This tutorial is only offered during the winter semesters.

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