Cross-Disciplinary Skills 2

Cross-Disciplinary Skills 2

Data organization

This course is intended for all students in their Bachelor studies. It introduces the basic methods and concepts of data analysis used in empirical research projects in the field of Geography but also of other academic disciplines.


The tutorial teaches the basic principles of data organisation and -analysis by means of practical examples (e.g. human and physical geography):

  • Organisation of alphanumeric data in tables (e.g. Excel vs Access)
  • Data structure and data types as the bases for digital data organisation
  • Introduction to information systems and databases
  • Concepts and methods of conceptual and digital modelling of data (data models)
  • Practical work (query and evaluation of structured data files) with tools of digital data organisation

The aim of this tutorial is to introduce students to the basic knowledge of data organisation and analysis relevant for geographical research projects.

The tutorial is only offered during the winter semesters.

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