Cristián Albornoz

Berliner Str. 48
Room 114
Phone: +49 6221 54-5540


Cristian Albornoz, M.Sc.

Cristian Albornoz has been working at the Department of Economic and Social Geography since September 2015, within the cooperation framework with the Heidelberg Center for Latin America. He has obtained a Master of Governance of Risk and Resources at Heidelberg University, and his Bachelor in Historical and Geographical Sciences of the University of Tarapaca (Chile).

Research interests

In his research, Cristian has been focusing on the theoretical and practical analysis of the governance of risks and resources. His master's thesis has considered the discussion about proposals for a new public agency responsible for disaster risk reduction in Chile after the earthquake and tsunami of 2010. Currently, his research focuses on the theoretical discussion of the governance of natural resources in Latin America.

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