Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Peter Meusburger
Researcher: Christoph Mager
Project duration: 01/11/2005 – 31/07/06
Funding: BASF AG, Ludwigshafen


knowledge at BASF

The Department of Geography at Heidelberg University in co-operation with BASF AG in Ludwigshafen examines production and transfer of knowledge in chemical research and development. The project aims at a better understanding of R&D processes which are an important resource for chemical industry as one of the most research-intensive sectors of German economy.

The empirical analyses focus on the spatial and social organization of R&D co-operations between BASF and external research institutions. Key questions concern preconditions of such co-operations, nature and origin of external knowledge stocks, as well as the relevance of spatial proximity and distance. The study also researches the importance of educational background, career patterns and social networks for the recruitment of scientific research staff at BASF.

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