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Current Events

Current Events

In unregelmäßigen Abständen organisiert die Arbeitsgruppe Wirtschaftsgeographie unterschiedlichste Veranstaltungen jenseits der Veranstaltungsreihen.
Einen aktuellen Überlick über diese erhalten Sie hier.

Series of Events
Knowledge and Space Symposium

Knowledge and Space

The symposia of the series Knowledge and Space at the Studio Villa Bosch in Heidelberg are intended to bring together scholars from various disciplines, schools of thought and cultures to build a foundation for the devel­opment of a long-term interdisciplinary network of scholars studying the topic of „Knowledge and Space“.

Research Lectures

Research Lectures in Economic Geography

The Heidelberg Research Lectures in Economic Geogr­aphy offer an opportunity for invited researchers to share and discuss their current work, explicitely also en­cour­a­g­ing young researchers to present their research projects.

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