Archive of Completed Research Projects

  • Wissenschaftsatlas: The spatial, social and economic dimension of science [Details]
  • SenTra: The use of advanced tracking technologies for the analysis of mobility in Alzheimer‘s disease and related cognitive disorders [Details]
  • Cluster policy: Ways to link theory and political implementation [Details]
  • Knowledge and Space: Generation, diffusion and application of knowledge under special consideration of the role of the spatial context and the spatial dimension of knowledge disparities [Details]
  • Institutionalization of the Tourist Industry in Colombia [Details]
  • Innovationsfinanzierung im spanischen Mittelstand: Die Bedeutung von Nähe, Intermediation und Kompetenzen in regionalen Finanzsystemen [Details]
  • Kunststoffcluster Westmittelfranken [Details]
  • Paris: Städtetourismus als kulturelle Praxis [Details]
  • Geographie der alternativen Religiosität in Russland. Zur Rolle des heterodoxen Wissens nach dem Zusammenbruch des kommunistischen Systems [Details]
  • Knowledge transfer and chemical industry: R&D co-operations, careers and the production of knowledge at BASF [Details]
  • An interactive information and planning system for the Heidelberg University campus [Details]
  • New spaces for young people? Youth policies in rural Germany: the case of Einhausen [Details]
  • Mobility of highly qualified Germans between the external labour market and the United Nations and within the system of the United Nations, 1973-2003 [Details]
  • Polynet Rhine Main [Details]
  • The spread of diphtheria over space and time [Details]
  • International Academic Relations through Humboldt Research Fellows in Germany, 1953 - 2002 [Details]
  • Education in the border region of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez [Details]
  • Tourism in Heidelberg - visitor surveys [Details]
  • HipHop, Music and the Articulation of Geography [Details]
  • Comparing London and Frankfurt as World Cities [Details]
  • Economic Transformation in Hungary [Details]
  • Ethnic Minorities in the United States of America [Details]
  • Educational attainment of the Hispanic population in the U.S. [Details]
  • Touristen-Informations-System Deep Map (European Media Laboratory)
  • Literacy attainment in 19th century imperial Austria [Details]
  • Emigration of Highly Qualified Persons from Vorarlberg (Austria) [Details]
  • Mobility and Career Paths of Professors [Details]
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