Former Research Projects

Fellow Project Network Research

Excellence Initiative (2010–2011)

Prof. Johannes Glückler

The creative Heidelberg

City of Heidelberg (2009–2012)

Prof. Johannes Glückler, Anna Mateja Schmidt, Martina Ries

KreaNets – Creativity and Innovation through Networks

BMBF & ESF (2008–2011)

Prof. Johannes Glückler, Ingmar Hammer, Waltraud Dehning, Schila Németh

Communities of Project Management Offices (PMO)

PMI (2009–2011)

Prof. Johannes Glückler, Prof. Johannes Glückler

The Service Economy of Bavaria

BIHK (2007–2008)

Prof. Johannes Glückler, Dr. Michael Handke, Ingmar Hammer

Transferring knowledge between center and periphery

DFG (2007–2008)

Prof. Johannes Glückler

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