Xuan Hu
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Xuan Hu, M.A.

Xuan Hu has been working as a doctoral student at the Department of Economic and Social Geography since November 2019. She graduated from East China Normal University and her main focus was human geography. As a research assistant at the Institute for Global Innovation and Development at ECNU, she participated in the project “Spatial Processes, Patterns, and Mechanisms of The Flow of Global Innovative Resources” and undertook research on Shanghai’s R&D centers funded by foreign direct investment and corresponding policy. Based on her studies, she completed a paper “Space-Time Evolution and Mechanism in Foreign-Funded R&D Centers: A Case Study of Shanghai City “and published it on China’s Journal “Economic Geography”.

Research Interests

Xuan Hu is interested in innovation activities and migration. Her work focuses on global mobility of R&D professionals – an area in which she has already conducted initial research for her master's thesis. In her doctoral research project, Xuan Hu is trying to find characteristics, mechanisms and effects on regional innovation based on the analysis of social networks.

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