Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Peter Meusburger
Researcher: Nicolai Freiwald
Duration: October 2004 - May 2007
Funding: Stadt-Heidelberg-Stiftung

Research Project

Interactive web-based 3D information system for the Heidelberg University Campus

The subject of this thesis is the constructional image and development of the Heidelberg University campus. Its focus is the creation of a virtual three dimensional computer model of the project area on the one hand and the conceptual design as well as the implementation of a spatiotemporal information system centering on the university campus on the other hand. Apart from the three dimensions of space the fourth dimension of time is integrated, allowing the portrayal of future as well as historical planning projects. The 3D model is based on current digital and historical analogue sources as well as own comprehensive studies. The digital workflow for the compilation, processing and administration of the data is designed so as to ensure a widespread application of its contents. The conceptual design of the 3D model makes it apt for most diversified application purposes. The spatiotemporal information system allows the user ubiquitous, interactive access to the 3D model and the thematic data associated therewith. The information system is made available through the internet and has the immersive character of a virtual reality environment. The functional and conceptual scope of the system incorporates specialized urban planning process personnel such as urban developers and architects as well as the general public interested in planning participation and general spatial information. The implementation of the interactive, web-based 3D information system is based on international standardized, non-proprietary software technology.

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