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Regina Lenz, Dr.

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Regina Lenz was from October 2013 until January 2022 a research associate in the Department of Economic and Social Geography.
In 2020, she completed her doctorate in this department with her thesis "The geography of institutional change: social institutions and regional development". In her cumulative dissertation, which was part of a DFG-funded project on succession in family businesses, she investigated the regional specificity of institutions, their relationship with the effectiveness of policy measures, as well as strategies of institutional change.
Previously, she studied geography and English language & literature at Heidelberg University, with minors in economics and history, and gained professional experience in the fields of development cooperation, economic development and international site selection. She was also a staff member of the Knowledge and Space project from 2014 to 2018.

Research Interests

Regina is interested in economic geography from an institutional theory perspective. Her research focuses on sustainable production and procurement, as well as on the analysis of organizational transformation processes for sustainable development.


Regina Lenz offers teaching on methods of empirical social research, as well as seminars, exercises and excursions in the field of economic geography.

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