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Competence Development Knowledge and Space

Anna Mateja Punstein, Dr.


Anna Mateja Punstein began working as a research associate in the Economic Geography Group in 2012. Since 2015 she is part of the Knowledge and Space project team.

She received her doctoral degree in 2020. Her cumulative dissertation entitled "Institutionalized incommensurability: towards a social-institutional understanding of innovation and regional development" focuses on social and institutional practices of knowledge creation and innovation at the intersection between industry and business services in a Southern German region.

Anna Mateja Punstein graduated from Heidelberg University, majoring in Geography with a minor in Economics and Psychology. Before she has studied the Geography Bachelor's program, minoring in Political Science.

Fields of interest

Anna Mateja Punstein’s fields of interest include topics of geographical research on innovation, business services and epistemology, focusing particularly on regional entrepreneurial activities as well as cooperation processes.

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