Anna Mateja Schmidt

Berliner Straße 48
Room 213
Phone: +49 6221 54 5575

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Current Research Project
Competence Development Knowledge and Space

Anna Mateja Punstein (née Schmidt), M.Sc.

Anna Mateja Punstein began working as a research fellow on the project Competence Development in Heilbronn-Franconia at the Department for Economic and Social Geography in December 2012. She graduated from Heidelberg University, majoring in Geography with a minor in Economics and Psychology. Before she has studied the Geography Bachelor´s program, minoring in Political Science. For her Master thesis’s, she analyzed the competence structure of the thirty regions in South Germany focusing on the occupational and sectoral composition.

Fields of interest

Anna Mateja Punstein’s fields of interest include topics of economic geography, focusing particularly on regional entrepreneurial activities as well as cooperation and innovation processes. She is interested in an observation based on a perspective of social network analysis, and currently investigates the competence development in the area Heilbronn-Franconia.

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