Laura Suarsana

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Current Research Projects
Philanthropie Knowledge and Space

Laura Suarsana, Diplom Geographer / M.A.

Laura Suarsana is research associate in the work group on Economic and Social Geography of Prof. Johannes Glückler. She has studied Geography, Economics and Public Law at Heidelberg University.

Research Interests

The research interests of Laura Suarsana include the analysis of civil society and civic engagement with regard to regional development issues as well as in the network analysis of civil society, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. In her diploma thesis she examined the regional engagement of companies in the Rhine Neckar Metropolitan Region.

Responsibilities at the institute

In the project Knowledge and Space Laura Suarsana is co-responsible for the organization of the series of symposia and the accompanying conference proceedings. Laura Suarsana was research associate in the completed research project Regional Philanthropy and Innovation in Heilbronn-Franken and responsible for HISPOS / LSF at the Department of Geography.

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