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Christian Wuttke, M.Sc.

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Christian Wuttke joined the department for Economic and Social Geography as a research fellow in October 2012. He graduated from Heidelberg University, majoring in Geography with a minor in Economics and Physics. His thesis discusses the construction of regionalized input-output models.

For a period of three years during his studies, Christian Wuttke held a position as research assistant at the Department of "International Financial Markets and Finance Management" at the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim. His field of responsibility included, but was not limited to, the supervision of a monthly survey concerning the expectations of the Swiss financial markets, as well as the participation in a project focusing on the quarterly assessment of projections for the financial market of major banking institutions operating in Germany.

Furthermore, Christian Wuttke worked in product management for an international software producer for a one year period, while also being employed as research fellow at the Department for Economic and Social Geography, where he participated in multiple research projects.

Research Interests

Christian Wuttke’s field of interest focusses on cooperation and innovation processes in companies, reorganization of value creation processes and the observation of entrepreneurial activities from a network perspective. He currently investigates the competence development in the area Heilbronn-Franconia.


Christian Wuttke teaches economic geography in form of seminars, exercises and field courses with a focus on knowledge-based regional development and quantitative methods in regional science.

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