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We teach a broad range of methods and skills which are important for your scientific work in the domain of 3D geodata (e.g. point clouds). Our courses cover theory, computer lab exercises and field work. They are suitable for students from geography, geoinformatics, computer science, environmental sciences and related disciplines using 3D data. Applying this knowledge will enable students to increase the understanding of geographic phenomena in various fields (e.g. geomorphology, emission reduction, natural hazards, forestry, agriculture).

A general overview of teaching in geoinformatics is available here

Competences and Courses

Method development and programming

  • Obtaining programming skills in Python and automating geographic analyses
  • Implementing own geospatial algorithms and methods in Python or C++

    Courses: 1) Geoscripting 2) Machine Learning for Geographic Applications 3) Kleine Forschergruppe

Geographic point cloud analysis

  • Basic 3D point cloud processing
  • In-depth 3D geodata analysis and advanced point cloud processing
  • 4D point cloud processing and time series analysis
  • Multi-source data fusion and analysis
  • Virtual Laser Scanning for the simulation of Earth Observation

    Courses: 1) LiDAR in Geography 2) Geodatenerfassung 3) Kleine Forschergruppe 4) Time series analysis in remote sensing

Field work and 3D sensors

  • Capturing own 3D geodata during field work at various sites
  • Acquiring technical skills with respect to cutting-edge Earth observation technology (e.g. laser scanning, photogrammetry, 3D depth cameras, crowdsourcing, global navigation satellite systems

    Courses: 1) Geodatenerfassung 2) Sensor Practical, 3) See "Cool Field Trips" below

Scientific working

  • Outlining, developing, and successfully conducting own research projects
  • Developing skills in reasoning and arguing with scientific evidence, presenting own findings to the geoscientific research community
  • Scientific writing of journal articles

    Courses: 1) Kleine Forschergruppe 2) 3D Research Seminar


  • E-TRAINEE - E-learning course on Time Series Analysis in Remote Sensing for Understanding Human-Environment Interactions
  • E-TRAINEE is a comprehensive research-oriented open e-learning course on time series analysis in remote sensing for environmental monitoring. The course offers a multidisciplinary approach connecting themes from computer science, geography, and environmental studies.
  • The E-TRAINEE course is also offered as part of our regular courses.
    Courses: Time series analysis in remote sensing

Resources - check it out yourself

Study Projects and Cool Field Trips
Theses and Internships

Students who are interested in 3D geodata processing and analysis and who already have participated in one of our courses (or already have equivalent skills) are highly welcome to propose their ideas! First, check our research projects and recent publications. It can be beneficial to write your thesis or perform an internship in one of the research projects. The topic of your thesis should be relevant, interesting and should fit your skills.

Further Information

A general description of the geoinformatics courses in the Bachelor of Science study program at the Institute of Geography can be found here (in German).

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