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Study Projects and Cool Field Trips

In our courses, we teach a broad range of methods and skills which are of high value for scientific 3D geodata processing. According to the focus of the group on 3D point cloud analysis, course participants learn about the outstanding features of point clouds and the challenges which are to tackle when squeezing this special type of data.

The 3DGeo group offers hands-on courses for first insights into data acquisition and basic processing. Also, in-depth point cloud analysis and method development is covered with dedicated research seminars (e.g., Kleine Forschergruppe).

Field work is a crucial part of our point cloud analysis-centered courses because we think it to be most motivating to work on own datasets. Moreover, participants can acquire technical skills with respect to cutting-edge methods such as autonomous laser scanning, close-range photogrammetry, 3D cameras, and global navigation satellite systems. 3D geodata processing mostly requires new and automated algorithms and procedures. Thus, the development of own algorithms and the automatization of tasks (e.g. via geoscripting) are also taught in our courses.

In our courses, we also teach how to work scientifically. Studies of the geoscientific research community are critically discussed, and the learnt lessons are transferred to own projects. In that way, the participants of our courses learn how to outline, develop, and successfully conduct own research projects, and also how to present the most relevant and innovative findings to the geoscientific research community.


Students who are interested in 3D geodata processing and who already have participated in courses of the 3DGeo group are welcome to propose their ideas! Check also our research projects – you may find some interesting questions which can be worked on, and the researchers working on the projects may have interesting tasks and datasets for you.

Further information

For further information about current courses visit the site Teachings, studies and research. Study programs with participation of the GIScience and 3DGeo groups are listed and described here (in German).

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