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Open Source Tools and Data

This website can be accessed via a short URL: www.uni-heidelberg.de/3dgeo-opensource

Open Source Tools

HELIOS++ – Heidelberg LiDAR Operations Simulator

HELIOS++ generates synthetic point clouds for customized virtual scenes and many platforms and scanning devices.


VOSTOK – Voxel Octree Solar Toolkit

VOSTOK provides solar potential estimations in point clouds, including occlusion effects of 3D neighborhoods.



With 3D-MAPP, point cloud processing can be done in the browser by anyone.

Spatiotemporal Segmentation

Spatiotemporal Segmentation

Code and validation data of a sandy beach in
The Netherlands



Code and 3D point cloud data of the rock glacier Äußeres Hochebenkar from 2017 and 2018


Correspondence-driven plane-based M3C2

Code and bi-weekly 3D point cloud time series of the rock glacier Äußeres Hochebenkar from 2019



Open source Python library for geographic change analysis in 4D point cloud data



Open source software with an object-based library to provide a database interface and REST API of vegetation tree objects that were captured as 3D point clouds.


AFwizard - Adaptive Filtering Wizard

Python package to enhance the productivity of ground point filtering workflows in archaeology and beyond.

Web Services


3D-Micro-Mapping of tree stem positions from point cloud profiles.


LVISA – LiDAR Vegetation Investigation and Signature Analysis System

Online vegetation feature extraction from point clouds.

Online Point Cloud VIS

Online point cloud visualizations for the browser

Use your browser to fly through some of the 3DGeo datasets.

YouTube Channel

Youtube Channel

A collection of point cloud flights, project documentations, manuals, etc.

Open Source Datasets

Table of datasets

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