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Duration: 2010
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Michael Handke
Jeffer Chaparro Mendivelso (Bogotá)

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Institutionalization of the Tourist Industry in Colombia

Institutionalization of the Tourist Industry in Colombia

Short Description

Tourism in Colombia has had an enormous boom for the last years. Destinations as the Caribbean coast or the Zona Cafetera profit from an increasing number of international visitors. But the Colombian tourism sector is only conditionally prepared for demanding tourists from foreign countries. Investments in infrastructure are lagging behind need. Service markets related to tourism are only moderately developed resp. mostly informal. Especially the labour market in the tourism industry is hardly institutionalized. Only recently the state has endeavoured for a formalization of the training. The market participants are particularly reliant on own initiatives and an endogenous structure formation. The efforts of the private economy differ relevantly within Colombia depending on touristic destination and offer an excellent object of investigation for the analysis of institutionalization processes in spatial perspectives.

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